" Great experiences instructor. After a 2 hour private lesson and a morning practising what he learnt the next day, Scott skied a short blue run. The fo... "


What You Have To Say

Fantastic! My 2 girls hadn’t skied before and they made very good progress. They really enjoyed their lessons with Tim and said they were really good fun. Tim was very quick to respond to email questions and was very pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend. Thank you.
Fleur Gates, 03/2024

I had not had a lesson in several years therefore I really found this valuable. Tim made me feel really comfortable and I felt like we covered a great deal in two hours. I am now skiing more confidently and just about nailed the parallel turns by the end of the trip. Gave me real simple great tips which made a difference to my balance and spatial awareness.
Suzie Wasilkowski, 03/2024

We are very satisfied with LGS, the process for setting up lessons was easy, and started well in advance of ski season. Kev is a great coach and our son loves learning with him. He has built up his confidence with skiing tremendously.
Tejal, 03/2024

Really nice instructors who know the mountains and conditions well. Give really good advice and tips to improve technique. I really like the fact that Tim videoed me then showed me exactly where I could improve in a positive way.
Tessa, 03/2024

Tim is an excellent teacher. I would highly recommend.
LMW, 03/2024


3 years of lessons for our son, he has loved every year with different instructors. Really progressed with his skiing whilst having fun too!
Michelle Smith, 03/2024

Kevin was brilliant. I am a very nervous beginner skier and have not had good experience previously with ski lessons in France using other companies. Worked on mindset and easy ways to remember when and what to do.
Emma Bolton, 03/2024

Tim was is the best instructor I have had by far. Great analysis of a perennial problem in my technique and his clear explanations helped me solve this and improve beyond expectations.
Jim Close, 03/2024

The booking process is so easy and the results from the lessons speak for themselves. This was my first private lesson and my progress is beyond what I could have expected. After just a few hours, I was doing runs I thought would take weeks to build up to. Kev made me feel at ease and was full of insightful comparisons to make learning easy for me and help build up my confidence. Thanks LGS!
James M., 03/2024

Exactly what I needed to as a refresher and improve confidence to enjoy a few days skiing with friends.
Sarah Basey, 03/2024

Tim was calm and encouraging. I definitely improved my skiing and most importantly came away having learnt to control my speed and enjoy my skiing rather than always feeling out of control. He was easy to be with and a great instructor.
Lynette Sinclair, 03/2024

I had never set foot in ski boots let alone skied.Tim was patient with me all through the lesson. He answered all my constant questions and was happy to repeat instructions when I asked (which was often). Tim was friendly and very knowable and had the patience of a saint. Thank you Tim
Cerry, 03/2024

An excellent start to skiing for Chloe and Mia. Thank you to Tim for your patience and help.
Tom Davies, 03/2024

A group of us friends had 2 amazing lessons with Andy. He was super patient, friendly and supportive. We progressed more than we expected to! Highly recommend!
Zoë Tsang, 03/2024

This is the fourth time that we have used LGS, and the lessens were excellent again. The confidence gained with a few hours instruction is amazing.
Richard Brian, 02/2024

Andy really helped the kids improve and exceed expectations.
Holly Jones, 03/2024

As a late starter skiing a few lessons always helps me to improve and enjoy my ski week. Always a great experience with Tim.
Phil Green, 02/2024

With limited skiing conditions, Tim made my lessons fun and each year I continue improving. Booking now for next year!
Charli Whiter, 02/2024

Excellent communication with Tim throughout the booking process. The girls improved so much through their lessons with Kev. They were thoroughly tested and enjoyed every lesson!
Mair Hughes, 02/2024

Andy was an excellent instructor for our family. The progress made was great. Very patient and considerate with the much less confident skier! Hope to see him again in 2025.
Allan family, 02/2024

Tim and Andy adapt the lessons really well to our different skills and abilities and make it fun to improve our skiing and make us more competent around the mountain.
Mark, Gina, Matthew & Daniel Copsey, 02/2024

Efficient and easy to book with Tim. Kev took my lessons and was very calm and patient, used easy catch phrases to help me learn which I will definitely remember and use again! Great experience from start to finish would definitely recommend LGS.
Michele Willett, 02/2024

Tim was very thorough and patient and we both felt in safe hands. His instructions were clear and precise. He is a great instructor and would definitely recommend him.
Samantha Rice, 02/2024

Really helped us both to improve our skiing, and we both enjoyed our time with the instructors.
Kate & Darren, 02/2024

Tim is a fabulous instructor who identifies what I need to improve and raises my confidence every time I ski with him. I ski better after every lesson. I highly recommend LGS.
Helen Flint, 02/2024

Andy was very patient, explained things well and, after many years of lessons, something clicked and I seemed to have master it better than every before.
Jenni Egmore, 02/2024

Friendly and professional. Private family lessons were perfect for our needs and thanks to Tim and Andy we progressed much quicker than expected.
Tony Harvey-Soanes, 02/2024

Second year using LGS, excellent instructors that the whole family love. Kev and Andy’s experience shines through to really give confidence whilst learning. The kids ages 5, 8 and 11 all loved their lessons.
Lloyd Bird, 02/2024

Tim helped me work on my technique on more advanced, steep slopes in variable conditions. As usual, his friendly approach and expert guidance really improved my skiing for the rest of the week.
Chris Percival, 02/2024

Kev was really good to work with, I enjoyed the time we spent together and am really happy with the results.
Andrew, 02/2024

Just wanting more really. I feel I have gone backwards to go forwards but in a positive way.
Rebecca Caney, 01/2024

Great work again, 3rd year in a row. Kids super happy and noticeably improved as the days went on. Thanks Tim!
Kate Balchin, 01/2024

Really enjoyed the lesson. Kev asked what we wanted at the start of the lesson and then delivered on it. I found him incredibly helpful.
Paul, 01/2024

Loved my lessons - improved confidence and actually enjoyed skiing.
Flora Corbett, 01/2024

Extremely welcoming, friendly and professional team! My kids are loving their lessons.
Sogol Zahedi, 01/2024

2 groups - teens with Kev and over 50s with Tim; everyone enjoyed and improved skiing with confidence helped by super supportive and friendly instructors
Molly Crowther, 01/2024

Tim Scott was an excellent ski instructor and the best we’ve ever encountered. His attention to individual technical detail was extremely helpful & he created a relaxed atmosphere throughout our lessons. We’d be happy to recommend Tim to others looking for ski lessons as we learnt a lot from our lessons & had fun as well. Thanks for the tip about the gardening gloves, Tim
Deanne, Scott & Donald, 01/2024

Tim was very accommodating, extremely patient and engaging. Didn't overload us with information, but gave us perfect tips to improve our skiing. Will be back next year.
Steve and Kay, 01/2024

We came back for a second year and we picked up where we had left off. Andy is a great instructor.
Matt Atkinson, 01/2024

Received detailed and clear feedback, helping me improve my skiing. 2 hours very well spent !
Kevin Waldron, 01/2024

Our children adored Andy and we’re always so eager to go to lessons and loved every minute!! The teaching was fantastic and as beginners they were all confident and capable by the end of the 4 days. We valued the feedback on each child at the end of every lesson. We can’t thank Andy enough!!
Amy Collins, 01/2024

Brilliant! From A to Z! Booking was easy, the team were easily available and quick to react. Lessons were fun and engaging.
Rachael Harris, 01/2024

Very good, very personable. Good communication. Will use again.
Giles Perry, 01/2024

Fantastic experience from start to finish. Tim was quick to answer my questions before booking and the information shared once booked was very clear. The lessons booked were for my son. This was his first time skiing outside of an indoor centre. The transformation after 2 two hour sessions was amazing. My son is now confident on all blue runs and is so happy with how he feels on skis. Would highly recommend LGS
Mr Cain, 01/2024

The booking and communication process was first class. Meeting Andy was very smooth and he quickly built up a gentle rapport with our 5 year old. Our son has made huge progress in just 3 lessons and on our last day we were all able to ski together as a family - such a special moment. Thank you!
Becky Ford, 01/2024

Terrific instructors and brilliantly well organised. Our children learnt so much in the short time and were so excited to go to their lessons each day. Highly recommend
Sarah Turnbull, 01/2024

I’m far too old to start learning new stuff and thought I’d never be a skier, however, after a lesson with Kevin I’m already considering when I can come back again! My niece had a brilliant time and Kevin has given her the confidence to enjoy skiing too. Overall we appreciated the organisation, quick reply to emails and overall efficiency.
Rachael Harris, 01/2024

I am absolutely delighted to have chosen you. The whole experience was calm, measured, gave me confidence and I would 100% recommend you to others. Thank you for giving me more pleasure in skiing. My lesson has improved my skiing technique so much. I have enjoyed my holiday so much more as a result and a friend is booking her lesson through you as a result.
Clare Doney, 12/2023

Tim and Andy were outstanding, taught my 6 year grandson and two adults to ski in just 4 hours. They are all desperate to learn more. Thank you!
Dave Murray, 12/2023

Mitch (complete beginner) had a 2 hour lesson with Tim and by the next day he was already able to do parallel turns and blue/red runs with very few falls. Very impressive tuition indeed !
John Davies, 04/2023

As someone who had only skied twice before in group lessons. Time with Tim really helped me to progress and improve my confidence.
Sam, 04/2023

My kids loved it and thought Andy was great. They both improved so much during the week - I now can't keep up!
Anna, 04/2023

Excellent! Experienced instructors who are patient and persevere with you to get you ski ready!
Hetvi, 04/2023

Both Tim and Kev’s private ski lessons with our daughter Maia were excellent, she really enjoyed them, had fun and her skiing technique improved enormously. I couldn’t recommend more!
Simon Porter, 04/2023

Great experience with Tim - he explained where I was going wrong in simple terms which made it really easy for me to understand what I could do differently to improve. Tim was really easy to get on with which made the session even more enjoyable. Would highly recommend LGS to anyone staying in the area.
Liz Johnson, 04/2023

Fantastic teaching, our children progressed far more than we expected thanks to Tim’s lessons. Thank you!
Jon Raettig, 04/2023

I emailed late on Sunday evening and within approx 30 minutes I had a lesson booked for the Tuesday morning. I play golf to a high standard and understand the difficulty of teaching a beginner but Kev kept it simple and worked on the basics which I then used for the rest of the week and enjoyed skiing a lot more than I would have without his help.
Matt West, 04/2023

A brilliant experience as always, we’ll be back next year!
Rob Swanton, 04/2023

My lesson with Tim was fantastic, he corrected my ski position and explained how to continue to practice this. I left with a renewed joy for skiing and bundles of confidence to go away and practice!
Hannah L, 03/2023

Fantastic experience with LGS for the second year in a row - in just a handful of lessons I feel like I progressed massively and the coaching from Tim was the perfect level of enjoyment and progression. Tim explained improvement in consumable chunks and ensured he never overwhelmed me with information and was super friendly and nice - which is super important when spending a chunk of your holiday with someone! I've no doubt I'll be using LGS again when back in Les Gets/Morzine!
Sonny Prince, 03/2023

Demi had a wonderful time with LGS. Her confidence came back. The main goal of the lessons was to get more comfortable in doing red runs, and on the last day we even did the challenging "l'Aigle Rouge" run, so we are very happy with the outcome. Thank you.
Demi Grymonprez, 03/2023

My daughter really enjoyed her lessons with Andy, who was very friendly, an excellent instructor and showed her some fun runs. She went from a beginner to a Level 3 skier in just 5 days!
Mike Pryde, 03/2023

Great instructors and lessons.
Michelle, 03/2023

Booked lesson for confidence reasons and felt better all week with the tips Tim gave me.
Danielle Follett, 03/2023

Kev once again gave us a superb private lesson, and found the perfect balance of refreshing technique and pushing boundaries to achieve personal goals - thank you Kev.
Rachael Holland, 03/2023

Sophie really enjoyed the lessons with Kev he made them fun and we saw good improvement in her skiing. We will definitely use LGS again.
Charlotte Duncan, 03/2023

Another great experience with LGS, Kev really brought the kids' skiing on. We'll be booking again for next year!!
Mark Follett, 03/2023

Andy was brilliant. Very patient. I can't believe how much we learnt in just one week.
Iona, 03/2023

Kev was great and took the time to explain everything thoroughly in a way I’d understand.
Lewis, 03/2023

Fabulous. Kev really helped me with my skiing, and pushed me as well which meant I could enjoy a wider range of pistes on my holiday! We also had a lesson for my daughter, Charlotte, which she enjoyed thoroughly and I was genuinely astounded by Tim's ability to get our 3 year old skiing in under 45 minutes!
Hywel, 03/2023

Tim had incredibly calm energy and was patient and kind. My son had a great week and is a much more confident skier after spending a week with Tim!
Lucy Willcox, 03/2023

Tim brought back some lost confidence around other skiers after a bike crash I had a few weeks back. It really helped me finish the week off falling back in love with skiing again.
Stewart Brooks, 03/2023

Very professional, responsive and our daughters absolutely loved their week with Kev. His instructions, guidance and knowledge of the resort meant the girls had proper adventures - so much so they were very sad to come home. Can’t recommend highly enough.
The Hopes, 03/2023

Andy was fantastic. Helped to build back my confidence after not skiing for 3 years. Would highly recommend!
Tilly, 03/2023

We have been using LGS since our daughter was very small and as well as her loving her lessons, we see clear progression each year. LGS is well organised with good communication during the booking process and in lessons.
Vicky Whiter, 02/2023

Friendly and approachable instructors who really get the best out of the children.
Jess, 02/2023

Kev was a great instructor, punctual , friendly and a good teacher.
Sophie Hadley, 02/2023

After 3 years away from the slopes (due to pandemic) our teens were a little nervous - we are heading home with a renewed confidence and love of skiing - thank you!
Richard Brian, 02/2023

Our children loved their private lessons with Kev again this year, he makes the lessons fun, exciting and enjoyable. Their confidence and skiing skills improved so much throughout the week.
Chloe Baxter, 02/2023

Andy is a great coach, very relaxed and offering good tips and support, our family enjoyed learning from him.
Pete Tadman, 02/2023

I loved how straightforward your communication is, kind, helpful. No waste of time. I loved your small groups. I loved that you start lessons after 9am. And I loved how Tim was considerate to me as a parent and how he tried to accommodate everyone's needs. Even waited some minutes for late comers.
Alessandra, 02/2023

I have used LGS twice now, they are both professional, courteous and patient - thank goodness! Tim definitely stretched me without feeling overwhelmed. I felt I gained a lot with his coaching.
Becky Davis, 02/2023

My two sons, 14 and 12 absolutely loved the teen explorer sessions with Tim.
Rhiannon Wilson, 02/2023

Kev was brilliant so lovely and Alba learnt so much over the week with lessons with him. Her skiing at the start to the end was hugely improved!
Olivia Morton, 02/2023

My daughter came out of two lessons with a strong foundation to then be able to develop through the week. Kevin also gave us good guidance on appropriate runs for her to practice on and move onto as she progressed.

Great service, kids loved it. They have come on so well since having Tim. Already booked for next year.
Caroline Di Giorgi, 02/2023

Client for many years involving multiple family members. Always excellent.
Alun Newby, 02/2023

Great to give my children confidence on the slopes and using lifts.
Heather Holt, 02/2023

Really good skiing instruction - we went for a couples lesson then had one-on-one lessons the following day. This really helped as Andy could comment on how I'd improved between the two days. It was very good having someone looking at my skiing, and being able to comment exactly on what I was doing wrong and what I needed to work on to improve.
Peter and Nicola, 02/2023

Tim was a superb instructor - good humoured, never-ending patience and lots of tips and feedback. Thanks Tim for making skiing so fun.
Charlotte, 02/2023

Excellent lesson, exactly what I was hoping for. Tim helped resolve my bad habits and gave me a couple of simple strategies and techniques to work on to improve my skiing over the rest of my holiday.
Gavin Kerr, 02/2023

Very helpful and patient, some good tips to help us progress onto the next stage of our skiing.
Rachel Bampton, 02/2023

Tim Scott took my 14 year old nephew for a private lesson and he (my nephew) was spoke so highly of Tim. I was sorry I hadn't booked Tim for further in advance lessons but will be for sure in 2024. Thanks Tim.
Cormac, 02/2023

Kev offered an excellent private lesson, using my transferable sport skills to enable me to improve my skiing technique in a more understandable way. Highly recommend LGS and Kev for anyone who wishes to improve their skiing, remove their bad habits in order to get the most out of the mountain and ski trip.
Dean Pitt, 02/2023

Tim took time to listen to my aims, quickly picked up on my learning style and pitched the lesson exactly right. I’ve moved to the next stage of my skiing, with increased confidence.
Rachel, 02/2023

I had an amazing experience relearning to ski this week with Andy. I overcame a massive fear of skiing thanks to Andy’s teaching methods and patience. He also taught my 11 year old daughter to comfortably manage the green slopes in just 3 days.
Rosemary Ryan, 02/2023

Andy Cavet was a great instructor/guide. Would definitely use LGS if needed.
BB, 02/2023

Tim was very understanding and put us immediately at ease. He was very approachable understood our concerns and we would highly recommend him to others.
Nikki W & Ali C, 02/2023

The 3 boys had an amazing time with Andy. Perfect balance between fun and learning. They have all come on so much in a week. We will definitely be booking Andy again next year.
Clare Egan, 02/2023

Tim assessed my skiing very quickly after not seeing me for a couple of years (because of the pandemic) and provided really good tips on how I could improve. He also gave me my confidence back, and I skied better all week than I had in many years.
Helen Flint, 02/2023

Excellent lessons as previous. The kids loved it and are keen to come back again!
Kate Balchin, 01/2023

We had another great holiday and help from the LGS team in making us better skiers to enjoy it even more. Thank you.
Mark Copsey, 01/2023

Kev was brilliant he brought both of our confidence on leaps and bounds, was patient with us and made our experience extremely enjoyable. This was my second year skiing and it’s safe to say before my lessons with Kev I wasn’t sure I liked skiing. However, with Kevs support and guidance I really enjoy skiing now and hopefully if we do it again next year it would be great if we could get Kev again :)
Jodie and Holly, 01/2023

Great experiences instructor. After a 2 hour private lesson and a morning practising what he learnt the next day, Scott skied a short blue run. The following day he made it to Le Ranfoilly
Richard Roebuck, 01/2023

Excellent communication and very easy and friendly to deal with.
Gill Clifford, 01/2023

Enjoyable lessons. Really helped me learn at my pace. Felt there was progression by the end of each lesson. Plenty of patience shown by Tim
Will, 01/2023

Our instructor Kev was excellent, we can't praise him enough. Really made our first Ski holiday. Will definitely use again for future trips.
Nik Firkins, 01/2023

I was not the easiest student at first, I was scared of skiing. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to ski and due to this I had a negative attitude toward skiing at the beginning of the lesson, but Andy was super patient and kind. By the end of the lesson I was skiing more than I thought I would and super excited! I recommend taking a lesson even if you think you can’t ski, I left feeling proud and accomplished and confident enough to keep practicing on my own with the skills he taught me. I’m looking forward to skiing now and I’m not scared of it.
Emily Cosgrove, 01/2023

Very responsive to calls texts and emails. After I had an issue with the date booked due to illness they were super adaptable. Would absolutely use again and recommend.
Cathy Ashley, 01/2023

Andy was great and we really enjoyed the lessons. We’d thoroughly recommend using LGS.
Matt Atkinson, 01/2023

Skiing with Tim was fantastic, such a nice guy and a great instructor. As beginners, he taught us so much and really built our confidence. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend LGS and will definitely be booking again.
Stewart Devine, 01/2023

We love to have a lesson with LGS at least once whilst we’re away. We get double benefits of tips to improve and a guide of the best skiing whilst we’re away!
Jude Yeo, 01/2023

Tim was so patient with me and really helped me to build my confidence especially as I had never skied before! I felt very confident to ski on my own after our lesson and appreciate his lesson so much!
Jess Stride, 01/2023

Brilliant! Kev was so polite, easy to talk to, instilled confidence and I never fell off in 2 hours! Thank you so much!!!
Kit, 01/2023

Kev was brilliant and very patient. He assessed our abilities and gave us great tips for improvement.
Emma Dodd, 01/2023

Tim quickly identified areas of technique to work on. The lessons were enjoyable and we felt much more confident and competent.
Peter and Anne, 01/2023

My husband said that it is as if the sports mode on my ski is had been switched on. I enjoyed my skiing so much more after my lesson.
Lizzie Clough, 01/2023

Excellent as always Tim is a brilliant instructor and you will learn fast.
Graeme Walton, 01/2023

Very accommodating organising last minute lessons.
Peter Young, 01/2023

Super flexibility given lack of snow! and kev's a lovely guy
Kieran Clifton, 01/2023

An excellent experience. I would highly recommend LGS to others and most definitely book again when we next return to Les Gets.
Tara Fraser, 01/2023

Andy was amazing. I was very nervous and his relaxed nature calmed me down. Felt in good hands and really improved my skiing.
Nicole Zachariah, 01/2023

A wonderful, dedicated team that made the time with you about the whole family and whole experience, not just the lesson. A caring, professional and respectful team working hard to give you best time ever, going above and beyond expectations, never less than 110%.
Emma Callanan, 03/2022

From enquiry through to booking and then delivery we could not fault LGS. We have no hesitation recommending them or using them again.
Jane Backhouse, 03/2022

Kev made our lesson both informative and very enjoyable we practiced every day weather permitting and are looking forward to rebooking over the Christmas break when we return to Les Gets
Ruth Woods, 03/2022

Kev was very friendly and gave straightforward instructions. He reacted very fast to where we were going wrong so we could ski safely. Looking forward to more sessions next year.
Ryan Robinson, 03/2022

Kev was brilliant with our 4 year old daughter. Very patient! There is just no way we could have taught her the same but he did give us some tips to try with her in between lessons. He had a great way of wording things with her so she understood.
Emma Brotherton, 03/2022

Kev spent time with both our children and built their confidence on the snow. He also is great instructor for me, helping me to improve my abilities and trust myself more on the slopes. Thank you.
Rachael Holland, 03/2022

Fantastic. Pushed me to a level I never thought I could achieve.
Saffron, 03/2022

Andy had outstanding coaching ability - he took me from straight snowplough to getting on to parallel turns in just a few hours. By my 4th lesson I was able to ski blues confidently and even tried a red. Exceptional teacher and nice person to spend a chunk of time of my holiday with!
Sonny Prince, 03/2022

The kids loved it and improved so much over only a few days. They met their goal on feeling confident on a blue run by the end of their first ski trip.
Martin, 03/2022

Andy was a gentle but firm instructor for our 9 year old granddaughter. He taught he ways to "turn fear into confidence" and her skiing improved greatly and she's asked us if she may have Andy teach her again next year!
Valerie Hall, 03/2022

I had a great experience having lessons with Kev, he was incredibly patient, easy to talk to and had me feeling far more confident in a short amount of time. I’d highly recommend lessons.
Anna Clarke, 03/2022

Andy gave private lessons to my son and niece. They both really enjoy the lessons and improved massively during the ski break. We would definitely use Andy again, many thanks
Rob Shirley, 03/2022

Tim's relaxed and unpressured approach really helped me to rebuild my skiing confidence after a long break. Great communication and encouragement resulted in constructive and enjoyable lessons. Thank you Tim.
Rachel Angrave, 03/2022

Great lessons after a two year break. Pitched at just the right level and with clear insights that made a real difference to our skiing.
Antonia Clements, 03/2022

Well organised, responsive, accommodating and experienced. Would recommend to anyone.
Guy Hill, 03/2022

We had two great lessons with Tim. Really enjoyed our time out on the learner slopes. Would highly recommend.
Nicola Firth, 03/2022

Tim worked around my lack of confidence and helped move my skiing on nicely.

Professional. Quick to respond.
Zoe, 03/2022

Managed to significantly improve my skiing capabilities as a result of the lessons with LGS.
Dave Butler, 03/2022

Andy was excellent, my son loved the lessons. They had so much fun along with learning to ski can’t recommend enough.
Michelle, 03/2022

Seemless process and great communication before we arrived and the children just loved their week with Andy. They really benefitted from the small group size, great value for money.
Mark Follett, 03/2022

The lesson set us up for our weeks skiing - all 4 participants agreed unanimously that it helped improve our technique significantly!
Jim Ross, 03/2022

Excellent - would / will use again and recommend to anyone.
Jeremy Milward, 03/2022

Instructors were very patient and easygoing, really simple effective tips.

My private session with Kev was transformational for my ski holiday - he was patient, understanding of my worries and a first-class instructor. I would absolutely recommend LGS to anyone looking for lessons - whether a complete beginner or looking to top up on technique.
Alice, 03/2022

Kevin was fantastic, very patient and used different techniques, tips and analogies until I understood. Not easy learning to ski in your late 40's but Kevin made it make sense and after 2 lessons I was able to join my friends on the blue runs. Thank you very much, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin and LGS Ski School.
Cindy Denham, 03/2022

Excellent. Andy was extremely patient with me. My son George achieved more with Kev than I thought possible in just a few days!
James Sherwin, 03/2022

Time of meeting up, personal interaction and quality of instruction all spot on.

Andy was very friendly and helpful, I learnt a lot. Thank you!
Anna, 03/2022

Brilliant , kids enjoyed it , they were confident on the slopes and Tim was very nice and a great Instructor.
Caroline Di Giorgi, 03/2022

My children have skied multiple times with LGS. It is always a absolute pleasure and rewarding watching how they have progressed over the years. The right balance between teaching techniques and just having fun in the snow which always has my children looking forward to their lessons.

Kev was very patient and great with the kids whose skiing really improved over the week. Booking was easy and communication great, all in all a great experience.
Elizabeth Carter, 02/2022

Another brilliant week my kids absolutely loved their lessons with Kev he was so lovely and taught them so much! Will be booking for next year.
Olivia Morton, 02/2022

Emily (4 years old ) had a lesson with Andy and was immediately engaged with him and the lesson, she found it fun improved through out and Andy gave us the confidence you always get with LGS. It is a must for anyone of any age or standard wishing to improve or learn to ski. Tim and his team are always a great help with any questions you might have. 5* lessons from LGS.
Graeme Walton, 02/2022

Kev was caring, gentle and just the exact kind of person we could trust with our daughters first ski experience. Tim is easy to deal with. I had lots of contact with him as I had lots of family bookings to sort.
Simone Pantling, 02/2022

Tim is kind, calm, friendly and fun. His lessons are very enjoyable because you learn at the same time as it being fun.
Lucy Roper, 02/2022

The kids absolutely loved their lessons! Especially the Haggis Trap and the OPA ;)
Paul Milsom, 02/2022

Couldn’t be better.
Alun Newby, 02/2022

Great friendly personal service - as always.
Gavin Frost, 02/2022

It was terrific! Everything we’d hoped for and more.
Andrew Marshall, 02/2022

My two children enjoyed the lessons with Andy, showed great improvement and loved showing us the areas of the mountain they had skied during their lesson.

In only two hours we became much more comfortable skiers. Our technique was imporved very fast.
Mie Andreasen and Catherine Cax, 02/2022

I have been learning to ski with LGS since I was 3 years old and would happily go there for the rest of my life!
Charlotte Whiter, aged 11, 02/2022

Really easy booking and helpful communication. Lessons were fun and level appropriate - we all got to see plenty of the resort
Emma Hickinbotham, 02/2022

My children were really impressed with the detailed interaction and technicality used to improve their skiing technique. On the debrief I was impressed with the exercises they did and the takeaways given. keep it up.
Kirk Archibald, 02/2022

We booked a 2hr lesson for our 2 children. It was their 2nd time skiing. They came on in leaps and bounds after the lesson with Kev. They really enjoyed the session. I would have no hesitation recommending LGS/Kev and will be in contact when we come back next time.
Orla Phelan, 02/2022

Andy was excellent and managed our nerves through a successful couple of days. Thanks again.

Enrolled my 2 kids (5 and 9) to have some 'top-up' private lessons to supplement ski school (their first ever week of skiing) and the change to their confidence and ability was noticeable after just an hour. Amazing instructors - wouldn't hesitate to recommend and will be returning next year!
Caroline Lea, 02/2022

Tim was excellent and provided a perfect introduction to skiing. He managed to provide instant feedback and tips for everyone independently from carefully watching individual progress!
Matthew Howard, 02/2022

Kids had a great start to skiing and didn’t want to leave the resort! We all can’t wait for the next time.
Daryl Li, 02/2022

Friendly and approachable instructors and booking process so straight forward and very helpful during covid pandemic. Kev taught my son to ski independently and most importantly, my 6 year old is now a skiing fan for life, he absolutely loved his lessons!
Chloe Baxter, 02/2022

Confidence building and tolerant..far more tolerant than my husband !
Frances Gill, 02/2022

Best ski instruction I have ever had, learned so much and rebuilt my confidence and enjoyment of the sport.
Caron Pearson, 02/2022

Tim was an excellent instructor - we asked him to help get our ski legs back after 15 years of not skiing and he more than met the brief. We both left the lesson with confidence and a renewed enjoyment of the sport.
Hermione Kennedy, 02/2022

Great lessons, friendly, appropriate to what we needed and flexible in the delivery across our family.
Mark & Gina Copsey, 02/2022

Andy is the greatest, so much experience and skilled in teaching.
Kenzo van Maris, 02/2022

Kev was a very good instructor. He managed the group well whilst trying to bring out the best in their abilities.
Emma Fairbairns, 02/2022

Very helpful and friendly lesson which gave me the confidence I needed for the week.
Sam Dawson, 02/2022

Great - couldn’t ask for more. Kids loved both instructors and their skiing came on in leaps and bounds
Caroline Wade, 02/2022

I wasn't sure what could be achieved in just 1 lesson but it was so worth it. I had problems with my technique that I didn't realise and once I righted this I was suddenly able to ski 100 times better with less leg pain.

Easy to explain my needs. Straight forward to book and excellent tutoring from a English instructor. I would recommend LGS to anyone wanting ski lessons.
Ed Hayes, 02/2022

First time skiing and felt it was very helpful and delivered well. Making it an enjoyable experience and would definitely do lessons again.
Will Holland, 01/2022

Fantastic, we had lessons for complete beginners and intermediates and all left their lessons having had a fab time and learnt lots.

Really useful session with Tim, who gave us lots of tailored tips that really helped us to make the most of our skiing experience this year, thanks Tim!
Alice Rose, 01/2022

I always return to LGS as I think they are the best instructors in the area.
Helen, 01/2022

Great and versatile teaching (Andy), adapting to my daughter’s very different needs at the beginning and middle of holiday.
Gaius Coffey, 01/2022

Tim made really good use of the session, giving each of us personalised and constructive feedback and giving us a chance to work through his suggestions. He also helped us to find our way round the mountain.

Tim has turned me from a scared of blues to a strong red skier. Best instructor on the mountain.
Jennie Poate, 01/2022