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Level 1I have been skiing for the first time. I can balance while sliding on my skis on nursery slopes. I can maintain a snowplough shape while sliding.Nursery area

  • Bunny hops while sliding
  • Side step downhill
  • Step up slope using side step or herringbone (Duck Walk)
  • Walk backwards on the flat keeping skis parallel
  • Step skis round 360 on flat
  • Follow instructor walking on flat
  • Put skis on and take off without help
  • Knowledge: Why are long sleeves and gloves important for skiing?

Level 2I can make snowplough turns and stop on nursery and green slopesGreen & easy blue runs

  • Absorb small jumps or rollers
  • 'Slide step' downhill
  • Plough traverse
  • Backwards snowplough
  • Turn 90 degrees to stop
  • Follow instructor making turns on gentle slope
  • Get up without help
  • Knowledge: Why are sunglasses, goggles and sun cream important when skiing?

Level 3I can make snowplough turns on blue runs. I am learning to side slip but sometimes leave my uphill ski behindBlue runs

  • Tapping inside ski while plough turning
  • Direct side slip, may leave uphill ski behind
  • Parallel traverse with lower ski gripping backwards snowplough turns
  • 180 spin to backward plough
  • Follow instructor turning on blue run
  • Stop safely with other skiers
  • Knowledge: Name 5 safety points for using ski lifts

Level 4I can move my skis from snowplough to parallel at the end of the turn. I can side slip confidently. I am most comfortable skiing on blue and easy red slopes.Blue & easy red runs

  • Lift inside ski during 2nd half of turn
  • Side slip
  • Traverse with both skis gripping
  • Linked backwards snowplough turns on green run
  • Ski backwards into a 180 spin
  • Safely lead a buddy down a blue run
  • Ski down an imaginary corridor
  • Knowledge: Describe the FIS safety rules for overtaking, starting and stopping

Level 5I use a little snowplough to help start turns on red slopes but I can ski rough parallel on blue slopesRed runs

  • Lift inside for at least the 2nd half of the turn
  • Diagonal side slip
  • Train track carves on gentle slope
  • Linked backwards snowplough turns on blue run
  • 360 spin stepping in the middle if necessary
  • 'Shadow' a buddy down a slope, turning at the same time
  • Ski down an imaginary double width corridor
  • Knowledge: Describe the FIS safety rules for respect, speed and route.

Level 6I can ski parallel on most red slopes and only use a little snowplough in the trickiest conditions. I am learning to make short turns while controlling speed and developing pole plantRed & easy black runs

  • On bumpy terrain, keep ski/snow contact
  • 'Falling leaf' side slip
  • Carved quarter turns on a green slope
  • Backward 'plough parallel' turns, matching skis towards the end of each turn
  • Fluid 360 spin without stepping
  • Follow instructor mixed turn size
  • Ski a narrower corridor in control
  • Knowledge: Name 10 countries around the world where you can ski

Level 7I can ski parallel on most red slopes. I can coordinate the pole plant and ski short turns on red runs. I like exploring black runs and easy off piste.all slopes including easy off piste or bumps

  • Hockey stops
  • Straight run into 'grind slide'
  • Carved half turns on an easy blue slope
  • Backward ‘plough parallel’ turns, matching skis for 2nd half of each turn
  • 360 spin during linked turns
  • Lead a buddy safely down a red run
  • Ski down an imaginary 'funnel' from small to medium turns
  • Knowledge: Name 5 different types of snowsport

Level 8I can ski neat parallel on most slopes and am refining skidding and carving skills. I am learning to blend turns of different size.all slopes including easy off piste and bumps

  • Linked turns down an easy moguls run
  • Linked '90 grind slides'
  • Carved full turns on a quiet blue run
  • Backward parallel turns on a blue run
  • 180 spin during linked turns
  • Take part in a 3-person 'shadowing' team
  • Ski down an imaginary corridor varying speed
  • Knowledge: What should you consider when leading a group in poor visability?

Level 9I can ski all terrain on and off piste with neat parallel turns. I have mastered steering and can choose to carve or skid my skis as appropriate in all situationsall slopes including easy off piste and bumps

  • Ski a fall-line descent on a moguls run
  • Linked 'pivot slip turns'
  • Carved turns, changing edges whilst airborne
  • Backward parallel turns mixing the size of the turns
  • Do a 180 spin in the air, landing safely
  • Safely lead a group of skiers down a difficult red or black run
  • Ski an imaginary hourglass, long-short-long turns
  • Knowledge: Understand the avalanche danger scale


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