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Level 1I have been skiing for the first time. I can balance while sliding on my skis on nursery slopes. I can maintain a snowplough shape while sliding.Nursery area

Level 2I can make snowplough turns and stop on nursery and green slopesGreen & easy blue runs

Level 3I can make snowplough turns on blue runs. I am learning to side slip but sometimes leave my uphill ski behindBlue runs

Level 4I can move my skis from snowplough to parallel at the end of the turn. I can side slip confidently. I am most comfortable skiing on blue and easy red slopes.Blue & easy red runs

Level 5I use a little snowplough to help start turns on red slopes but I can ski rough parallel on blue slopesRed runs

Level 6I can ski parallel on most red slopes and only use a little snowplough in the trickiest conditions. I am learning to make short turns while controlling speed and developing pole plantRed & easy black runs

Level 7I can ski parallel on most red slopes. I can coordinate the pole plant and ski short turns on red runs. I like exploring black runs and easy off piste.all slopes including easy off piste or bumps

Level 8I can ski neat parallel on most slopes and am refining skidding and carving skills. I am learning to blend turns of different size.all slopes including easy off piste and bumps

Level 9I can ski all terrain on and off piste with neat parallel turns. I have mastered steering and can choose to carve or skid my skis as appropriate in all situationsall slopes including easy off piste and bumps



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